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UMT BBA and MBA Graduate Sharing

Dear UMT BBA and MBA Aspirants,

If you are now considering to obtain a BBA / MBA degree from either US or other University, I would like to share my experience for your consideration in advance of your programme application.

Being an Entrepreneur for nearly 10 years, I planned to achieve my Master goal in 2011. But before doing that, I fully understood its better to set a milestone programme for myself in order to achieve my goal, which shown as below :-

Step 1 - Necessity of Gaining BBA and MBA
To obtain a BBA degree faster and then continue the MBA degree. I understood the importance of enhancing more advanced management knowledge.

Step 2. - Programme Duration Consideration
In order to achieve Step 1, I understood that I must find a Combo BBA and MBA programme with reasonable duration and completion time, therefore I checked and compared all programmes in Hong Kong. Initially, I found UMT.

Step 3. - Programme Fee Consideration
Similar to Step 2, I understood that I must find a Combo BBA and MBA programme with reasonable fee, Therefore, programme fee is one of my key concern in choose of BBA and MBA programme. Same as programme duration comparison, this credit is also given to UMT DBA.

Step 4. - Programme Accreditation Status
Instead of trusting EMB approved programme list, I had submitted my UMT BBA and MBA degree to the profesional education organization for assessment individually, the result proved that my UMT BBA and MBA Master degree were qualified and passed the individual qualification assessment.

Step 5. - Studying Sharing
I had completed both BBA and MBA in according to the UMT schedule, generally speaking, you have to complete the assignment within a very short period, therefore, you have to give up some family time. In return, I got pass for all my studied subjects. Not the same as traditional programme, you have to make your only study plan rather than pushing by your lecturer who stand in front of you as in the traditional local Universities. Anyway, you should have fun throughout your learning life.

Final - Target Oriented
MBA is just only a basis requirement for entering the management level, which number of years working experience, number of professional titles you have are the most important stuffs that compare with which university that you graduated for the MBA programme. Therefore, I choose the one, which could be completed in a reasonable time, cost, quality, ease of getting pass, which finally I choose the Bachelor and Master of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Management and Technology (HK EDB Registration no. 261639 and 261825) for the years 2009-2011.

For your additional information, you could reach me through UMT HK Rep Office.

Introduction of Mr Lo's education background:

BBA and MBA, University of Management and Technology
Higher Diploma, VTC

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Tuition can be settled by HSBC and Bank of East Asia 12 months interest free instalment plan.

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