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BBA Program
- 副學士或文憑,或
- 其他大專學歷

MBA Program
- 學士學歷

DBA Program
- 碩士學歷
Applicants to the DBA program must have earned a master’s degree at an appropriately accredited institution of higher learning or a minimum of 30 graduate-level credits prior to formal admission to the program.
Admissions are highly competitive. Only two cohorts are selected each year. Candidates are expected to have a cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 3.3 or higher in a relevant, accredited master's program.


Tuition Refund Policy
A student may request course cancellation in any manner, but the university strongly advises such requests to be in writing by email, fax, or mail. The refund is calculated based on the postmarked date that a student’s cancellation is mailed or the date that an email or fax request is received by UMT.

Cancellation after Seven Days: If a student requests cancellation after the above seven days, UMT shall refund the proportion of the tuition paid, according to the following schedule:

Cancellation Date After Refund Amount
1st week (seven days) of the course 80%
2nd week (fourteen days) of the course 60%
3rd week (twenty-one days) of the course 40%
4th week (twenty-eight days) of the course 20%
5th week (thirty-five days) of the course None

Refund Payment: Refund payment will be made within 30 days from the cancellation date.

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