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博士研討會 DBA Seminar

Congratulations to Dr. CK Hung, Oral Defense passed on Jan 16, 2014!

As an experienced professional engineer with more than 30 years engineering experience and having been a professional engineer for more than 25 years since 1989, as I climb up the top management ladder, I visualize that there are ever increasing need for me to furnish with management knowledge, skills and techniques as well as a gaining doctoral degree award.

Unlike some aspirants who study DBA for entering the higher education teaching profession, my main purpose of studying DBA is to equip me with more practical management knowledge, skills and techniques as well as gaining doctoral degree award. However, as a middle management actively participating in the public services- I am now a president of a local university alumni association, a chairman of local engineering professional institution, technical advisors, technical experts, members of various technical committees of government and non government organizations, I anticipate that time can be allocated to study is limited and restricted. In this regards, instead of studying in local universities which demand highly and active participations with much higher cost, I opted to choose distance learning even though I am good at studying and have confident to complete any top class doctor degree course without any difficulty.

Having studied and reviewed DBA courses offered by universities throughout different countries, I chose UMT not only because its introduction is impressive but also it allows more flexibility for me to study- this course is a practice-oriented high level doctorate program for senior executives, like me, to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities. Through coursework and research-based program to theoretical and philosophical understand business administration principles, practices and modern management thought. In addition, the course fee is much lower than that of other courses-this is attractive. Moreover, it is interesting and challenge to study course offered by US University I never have such experience, especially the first accredited US doctor degree course in Hong Kong. Thus, I opted to UMT.

Undoubtedly, my choice is perfectly correct. The UMT study allows me great flexibility to proceed- I suspended at least twice my study each with around half year, to suit my busy daily life. I also need to stress my whole heart thanks to my dissertation supervisor Dr. Mark Li, who directed me to the most appropriate topic and research area to satisfactorily complete the dissertation in a smooth manner.

The practical and some contemporary management knowledge, skills and techniques learnt were put into use in my daily operation, administration and management and found to be interesting, useful and fruitful. The research study in non engineering topic area enables my creative and innovative thinking beyond the “framework” normally established by engineering professionals. In recent years, many of my friends are astonished and surprised of my innovative thinking and new ideas which normally experienced engineering professionals are lacking of, this is a lifelong benefits derived from the DBA study. Last but not least thank you UMT to let my dream come true.

Dr CK Hung
May 12, 2014

Associate Director, Sunbase International Properties Ltd
President, Hong Kong Polytechnic Alumni Association
Chairman, Hong Kong Institution of Chief Engineers(FM)
MSc, Hong Kong Polytechnic University