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博士研討會 DBA Seminar

Congratulations to Dr. Allan Lee, Oral Defense passed on Feb 13, 2015!

I graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1982. Having worked as a teacher for many years, I decide to purse a more challenging career. I went to the Lancaster University to study for the M.A. in Education in 1992. In 1996, I went to Britain again, I studied for the M.A. in library & information studies in the University College London. The qualification makes me possible to work as education consultant and librarian in various organisations. I enjoyed the job very much. The only problem for me is not having adequate management knowledge to cope with the development of the organisations, especially in the field of strategic management, human resources management and customer services. Although the problems have finally been solved with the help of the management staff, I thought it is good for me to learn more about business management. As the prospect of the librarianship is not as good as expected, there is also a need for me to acquire more knowledge to compete with others in the job market.

Having got the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration in 2009, I decide to further study to pursue a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. I got an offer from the Queen Margret University in Edinburgh to study for the PhD in Business Administration. However, I have to leave my job to study in Britain for three years. This indeed costs a lot of money. I try to apply to study for a PhD degree in the local university. However, I fail to gain any offer. Fortunately, I got to know the University of Management and Technology. I can study for the Doctor of Business Administration without leaving my job. This course is indeed very flexible and suitable for me. In the introduction seminar, I also got to know the background of UMT. This is an excellent University in the United State of America. This greatly motivates me to pursue for the DBA. Throughout the nearly four years studying times, I got much help and support from the UMT Hong Kong staff such as the program director, Ray Cheng, and program manager, Stephen Leung. Among the helpful staff, Dr. Mark Li, a scholar of high reputation is particularly helpful in supervising me to write the dissertation. Undoutly, University of Management and Technology is the most flexible and excellent Institute I experienced within my academic life. I have to express my gratitude and thanks to UMT for making my dream comes true.

Thanks and kind regards.
Dr Allan Lee