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博士研討會 DBA Seminar

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Kwong, Oral Defense passed on Oct 1, 2015!

In a rapidly changing environment, education has become ever more important.The idea of jumping into a permanent job that lasts until retirement is obsolete. My experience tells me that one must embrace the lifelong learning mindset in order to stay competitive. By constantly upgrading knowledge and skills, an individual can always be prepared for the arrival of new opportunities or challenges and sail smoothly through any transitions.

One of the obstacles I face as an educator in the tertiary sector is that my office hour is relatively unstable. It is difficult for me to settle aside time for a traditional face-to-face DBA programme. Fortunately, the UMT distance programme allows me to pace my own study with maximum flexibility. I can put a hold when my work is busy, and double my efforts when term break or vacation comes.

Looking back, I have managed to learn many contemporary knowledge and develop useful research, analytical and problem solving skills with the UMT programme. The UMT staff and my dissertation supervisor have been both professional and supportive throughout my DBA journey. Though my DBA programme is coming to an end, the education of a man is never completed until he dies. The end of one stage is only the beginning of another. I hope there are passionate individuals who would share my aspiration and join me on the lifelong learning path.

Dr Eric Kwong
Oct 26, 2015

Lecturer, Hong Kong Institute of Technology