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Master of Business
Administration (MBA)

(Hong Kong EDB Reg No. 261825)
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program promotes learning to synthesize the principles and practices of management within a technology-driven world. Course content reflects current business practice in best-of-class organizations. UMT’s knowledge of current practice comes from its close ties with leading edge companies and government agencies. Courses balance nurturing of an appreciation for the role of theory in effective management with practical, how-to insights.

While the emphasis on the program is directed toward managing in a technology-driven world, management basics that apply to all business operations are covered. The program provides an ethical and legal foundation for the student’s behavior in commerce and it gives the student insights into recognizing inappropriate behavior in others. It imbues the student with detailed knowledge of managing both projects and operations. It describes how effective managers lead—how they make decisions to motivate others and how they organize efforts to tap into human capabilities most effectively.

The program addresses the reality that the world will not beat a path to the door of innovators—that they need to package, distribute and sell their concepts and products in order to be successful in business. It provides a framework for understanding the philosophy of the scientific method and its impact on quantitative and subjective decision-making, especially in the context of risk and uncertainty. And it teaches students to “follow the money,” to discern the financial underpinnings of individual businesses and the economic foundation of society.

The MBA degree offers students a professional degree that prepares them to manage business and nonprofit enterprises. .

MGT 201/COMM 500. Effective Communications and Soft Skills
MGT 202/MGT 540. Business Law and Ethics
MGT 215/MGT 535. Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MGT 220/MGT 570. Information Technology
MGT 230/MGT 530. Leadership and Organizations
MGT 236/MGT 611. Decision-making
MGT 240/MKT 500. Marketing and Sales
MGT 245/MGT 655. Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MGT 250/MGT 550. Project Management
MGT 251/MGT 551. Planning and Control
MGT 254/MGT 554. Contracts and Procurement
MGT 280/FIN 600. Finance
MGT 281/ACCT 600. Accounting
MGT 285/ECON 500. Economics
MGT 299/MGT 699. Business Policy

Exemptions of Study:
3 Subjects waiver mode:
Could be granted for graduate with a Bachelor degree related to Business and Management.

Duration of Study:
Could be completed within 12 - 15 months

Entry Requirement:
The admission requirements are as follows:

Holder of Bachelor with the minimum GPA of 2.5 from a recognized university or professional association.
Demonstrated proficiency in English
Other equivalent qualifications to be assessed by UMT.

Contact us:
Program Manager
Telephone: (852) 2791-1155
Email: admin@umt.edu.hk

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It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead