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Doctor of Business Administration
(Hong Kong EDB Reg No. 261996)

The UMT DBA is a practice-oriented, high-level professional doctorate program designed for senior executives who intend to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the fullest extent possible. A combination of coursework and research-based program is used to equip graduates with an understanding of modern management thought, as well as a theoretical and philosophical understanding of business administration principles and practices.

DBA Seminars are offered in weekends for DBA students and the program can be completed in 3 years part time study. Of course, the actual duration may vary depending on the dissertation topic selected and on the time and effort devoted to the work by the student.

Credits Months*
MGT 700. Analytical Techniques in Research 6 1 to 3
MGT 705. Philosophical Foundations of Knowledge & Research 3 1 to 4
MGT 710. Evolution of Management Thought 3 5 to 7
MGT 720. Management as a Behavioral Science 6 5 to 8
Qualifying Examination   8
MGT 800. Current Issues in Management 3 8 to 11
MGT 830. Managing Modern Business Operations 3 8 to 12
MGT 860. International Management 3 8 to 13
MGT 870. Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 3 14 to 17
MGT 990. Directed Research and Readings
6 14 to 18
MGT 998. Special Topics in Research 6 19 to 22
Proposal Defense   22
ECON 800. Economic and Financial Theory 3 22 to 25
MGT 839. Leadership and Ethics 3 22 to 26
MGT 805. Business-Government Relations 3 22 to 27
Comprehensive Exam   27
MGT 999. Dissertation Research 9 27 to 36
Dissertation Defense   36
Graduation 60 3 Years

* Duration may vary depending on the dissertation topic chosen by the student and the time devoted to it.

Course Description

Mgt 310 Analytical Techniques in Research
Mgt 320 Philosophical Found. of Knowledge & Research
Mgt 350 Evolution of Management Thought
Mgt 355 Management as a Behavioral Science
Mgt 358 Current Issues in Management
Mgt 359 Managing Modern Business Operations
Mgt 360 International Management
Mgt 365 Economic and Financial Theory
Mgt 366 Leadership and Ethics
Mgt 368 Business-Government Relations
Mgt 395 Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Mgt 398 Directed Research and Readings
Mgt 420 Special Topics in Research
Mgt 499 Dissertation Research

Duration of Study:
Could be completed in 3 years

Entry Requirement:
The admission requirements are as follows:

Holder of Master degree with the minimum GPA of 3.0 from a recognized university.
Demonstrated proficiency in English
Other equivalent qualifications to be assessed by UMT.

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Program Manager
Telephone: (852) 2791-1155
Fax: (852) 3007-4599
Email: admin@umt.edu.hk

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