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UMT DBA Seminar

This is the list of seminars to be offered for the DBA program in Hong Kong and USA. You can click on each seminar title to see the details.

DBA Seminar Hong Kong (2009 Dec)

DBA Seminar Hong Kong (2010 March)

DBA Seminar USA (2010 October)

DBA Seminar Hong Kong (2011 January, May, August)

Dr Davidson Frame's DBA Seminar Hong Kong (2011 September)

DBA Seminar Hong Kong (2012 January, March, May, September)

Marketing in China
Entrepreneurship in Mobile industry
UMT Hosts Productive Colloquium for Doctor of Business Administration Candidates
More DBA Seminars

Feedbacks from UMT DBA Seminars:

Mr. Simon Yip, DBA Aspirant
Manager, HSBC (Physical Security Services Asia Pacific)
" I have found that the DBA seminar organized by UMT was well-organized in term of time control and also the professionalism of all invited speakers, which could bring the most updated China market information and business opportunities in the seminar."

Mr. Charles Tang, DBA Aspirant
Chief Engineer, DP World Terminal
" Course Advisors have been performed an excellent jobs for the seminar and all my fellow classmates were impressive and proactive throughout the whole seminar."

Mr. C K Hung, DBA Aspirant
Associate Director, Sunbase International Properties Ltd.
" Comprehensive networking provided in last and coming DBA seminars, could surely giving myself an insightful management skills/ knowledge, also let me have updated information for the outside global market."

Mr. Clifford Kwong, DBA Aspirant
Managing Director, CK Management Consultancy
" I have been given a great opportunity to share my management experience and knowledge in the last DBA seminar. Discussion and sharing with classmates who already have experienced higher education lecturing background also help me a lot in my coming lecturing opportunities."

Mr. Henry Chiang, DBA Aspirant
Lecturer (Hong Kong College of Technology)
" I found the UMT DBA seminar was well organized. The speaker was professional."

Mr. Billy Chu, DBA Aspirant
On Stage Production and Consultant - Executive Director
" The DBA speakers have performed an excellent presentation. He gave me some inspiring information for the DBA Dissertation."

Ms Charity Lau, DBA Aspirant
Human Resources Director - Van Shung Chong Holdings
"It is a great opportunity to meet all my fellow classmates in the seminar. We have exchanged lots of ideas throughout the whole seminar."