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Congratulations to Dr. Bard Lord Lam, Oral Defense passed on Oct 2, 2014!

I was unable to follow the normal route of higher education after my secondary education because I did not have good examination results in HKCEE. Like my other classmates, I studied the Diploma of Electrical Engineering in Technical Institute and started working in 1985. Even pursuing a Higher Certificate in Electrical Engineering in 1988 from Hong Kong Polytechnic, expectations from business sectors to employees have been made advance when there were more degree graduates from 1990’s in Hong Kong. Admitting that Higher Certificate will never be sufficient to support my career development in next 20-30 years of working life, I started to study Post-graduate Degree through distance learning from universities in the UK and Australia from 1997. After acquiring four Master Degrees in 2004, I questioned myself if I could still be able to fulfill the dream in my childhood as a “Doctor”.

I have tried distance learning DBA and PhD from overseas universities but the mode of studying was either non-flexible or too loose. However, when I noted there is a DBA course from UMT, I was really delighted because UMT offered a wide range of modules to study in the DBA program and the tuition fee was affordable. Besides, I did not need to worry if I had intensive business trips because the study pack and supplementary materials were excellent, which enabled me to continue my study even I was travelling. UMT also offered good dissertation support through step-by-step guidance and evaluation to enhance the completion of my DBA in 2014. I have to say thank you so much to UMT to make my dream comes true.

Thanks and kind regards.
Lam, Bard Lord
Senior Regional Manager (Quality and Compliance - Hardgoods)
TGT Sourcing Asia Ltd. - Direct Sourcing Office of Target Australia