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UMT Holds 2017 US Commencement Ceremony

Date: 2017 June 24 (Sat)
Time: 9:30am to 12:00pm
Location: Washington D.C., USA

The University of Management and Technology held its 2017 commencement ceremony and reception on June 24th, at the Spectrum Theatre in Arlington, VA. UMT alumni who graduated within the past five years were invited. Around 250 participants from the US and overseas attended. During the ceremony, graduate representatives, Dr. Geoffrey Webster and Dr. Qipei Jing, shared their personal stories. Dr. Yanping Chen, Dr. David Burke and Dr. J. Davidson Frame also delivered speeches on behalf of the University and faculty.

Dr. Webster chose the Doctor of Business Administration program at UMT because it “not only offered a well-respected degree in academia but also was noted as a pioneer for developing and delivering a doctorate program which received global accreditation from the Project Management Institute”. He recounted his educational journey while under pressure from work, funding, and life events. Attaining the DBA degree 19 years after obtaining a Master’s degree, he hoped that his journey “motivates others to pursue higher degrees of education and use the knowledge to help them and others elevate not only professionally but as a person”.

Dr. Jing shared his two-year-long doctoral dissertation writing experience. As an accomplished businessman managing several companies, he encouraged others to “make a positive contribution to the progress of society by the knowledge we have learned from our school!”

Dr. David Burke, who spoke on behalf of UMT faculty, challenged UMT graduates to think about what to build on the foundation of their UMT degree. To him, “the greatest sense of success” came from taking what he learned to help UMT students succeed. He encouraged the graduates to help others with the knowledge gained from their UMT degrees.

Dr. Chen, UMT's founder and President, pointed out that UMT’s teaching model is geared towards working adults rather than that of traditional universities which caters to recent high school graduates. She thanked UMT students from 79 countries for making UMT a global university and congratulated the class of 2017 graduates which consisted of 1,119 students.

Dr. J. Davidson Frame, UMT co-founder and Academic Dean, explained that the graduation ceremony is called a commencement because having concluded their degree studies, students are now beginning the next stage in life. He also echoed the message of UMT students being global and thanked those who served in the armed forces while pursuing their UMT degrees.

At the conclusion of the ceremony and reception, the graduates gathered at the Iwo Jima Memorial for a group photograph.

Pictures from the event can be reviewed by visiting: https://goo.gl/photos/p42vXAeCuRzpW6Ku7 or UMT Connect Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/umtconnect.

Video from the event can be found at: https://youtu.be/cWUaq3qucdk.

Presentations shown during the event are online at:

UMT Students: https://youtu.be/-vSkKpjhN_g
UMT in Action: https://youtu.be/uVL22Htv9nU

The University of Management and Technology, a DEAC accredited university, offers over 30 bachelors to doctorate degree and certificate programs with 40 disciplines to choose from, such as business administration, criminal justice, and homeland security. Up to 75% of undergraduate and 50% of graduate credits may be transferred. 100% online instruction and affordable. Flexible enrollment options include self-paced or term-based classes. Federal Student Aid, Sallie Mae Loans and University Military Scholarships are available for eligible students.

As of the end of June 2017, the UMT graduating class of 2017 is comprised of 1,119 graduates who have earned degrees at the associate, bachelor, master and doctoral levels. Since 1998, 19,925 students coming from 50 states, the District of Columbia, 4 US territories, the US Military around the world, and 78 countries have enrolled in UMT degree programs. A total of 11,828 have earned degrees.